New scientific production of the ATMOS Project, led by the LOA: "Wave Anomaly Detection in Wave Measurements"

The article "Wave Anomaly Detection in Wave Measurements" (authors: Joey J.Voermans, Alexander V. Babanin, Cagil Kirezci, Jonas T. Carvalho, Marcelo F. Santini, Bruna F. Pavani, and Luciano P. Pezzi) was published in the journal international journal "Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology". During the field phase of OPERANTAR 38, the Antarctica Modeling and Observation System (ATMOS) Project anchored a meteorological buoy system near King George Island, Antarctica. In this study, ocean wave data and laser altimeter data obtained from the Northwest Platform of Australia were used to demonstrate the functioning of the methodology of control (filtering) to identify anomalies in the wave data series. The analysis was supplemented with data from a spectral model to determine how extreme waves are positioned in phase space. In this article, the authors extended the use of the statistical phase space boundary, a statistical method of detecting outliers established in the turbulence field, to detect anomalies in the wave data series.

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